About Termostyler

Termostyler company deals with import, consoling, selling and installation of unique heating systems with advanced technology which reduces energy consumption during the winter. Constructing? Renovate? Or just want to move to a more economical, decorative heating system? Termostyler company would be happy to help you choose an adequate solution to your needs. We work and give service to private clients, architects, contractors, and more… Our professional, needs attentive staff works all over the country! We invite you to make an appointment at our showroom to view our wide range of products and technologies we possess. You can also get a bid based on our programs by fax numbered 02-6730446.

With our heating system will enjoy of:

  • Economie Efficiency – We have the most efficient systems in the market. The system also offers programming, control and easy to use heat maintaining capabilities.
  • Money saving – The energy saving and the heating element's nature can be easily monitored. Our rank in the comparison table is always at the top.
  • Warranty and service – There is a two years warranty on our products. Service is a primary property in the company therefore it is provided indefinitely.
  • Mobility – You can easily move the heating elements while moving without a professional technician.
  • Human factor – The professional experience with the high service demands which represents well-known companies obligates us to maximize your purchase as a client.


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We invite you to our showroom in which you can view:

  • Advanced heating systems – convertors models.
  • Electrical projectors.
  • Bathroom heaters with towels rack and etc.
  • Receive explanation and demonstration about the devices operation.

Electrical radiators Termostyler company is the unique reseller of advanced heating systems from Europe. Why electrical projectors? They provide quality homogenies heat in the entire room space, with a simple, easy to operate and install, economical technology. Reasonable device prices for every audience. There are many models, various sizes and wide selection of colors.

You are welcome to view our showroom at Yad Harutsim 14, A.A Talpiot, Jerusalem. For additional information: 0547513320 or 072.2503262

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